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Are You Still Using Your Grandpa’s Life Insurance?

Remember the rotary telephone, the phone booth and the black and white

television? Those are museum pieces now. You wouldn’t buy them unless you

were a collector. You wouldn't buy a new car without air conditioning or a

refrigerator without an ice maker. My smartphone has 100 times, maybe a 1000

times, more power than my first desktop computer.

So why are you still using Grandpa’s old fashioned life insurance? In Grandpa’s

day life insurance did one thing. Paid someone if they died. So you had to die

to win, (of course YOU didn’t really win because you know, you were dead).

Everything evolves and life insurance has also evolved over the last 20 years.

Now you don’t have to die for someone to receive the death benefit. Now you

have Living Benefits life insurance that will pay you income-tax free if you are

diagnosed with a terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness, or critical injury

And you can use the money for whatever you need in your time of need.

You may be wondering, “why haven’t I heard of this before?” I’ll tell you why,

life insurance is not a hot topic in most social situations. My friends and I have

talked about cars and sports and books and movies and restaurants and travel

but we have never just sat around and discussed life insurance. I’m in the life

insurance business and I think it’s boring. Necessary but boring. Like going to

the dentist.

So now you know. There is something out there that might just be better

than what you currently have. And here’s the great thing. It doesn’t cost you

anything. I broker with about 30 different companies and with all of them it’s a

feature not an add on. It’s there for you automatically, like the air conditioner

in the new car or the ice maker in the new refrigerator.

So watch the video, click on the button, and get the information you need to

make the right choice.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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